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father/daughter line [19 Jul 2017|08:44am]

he's always been the best father a girl could ever ask for--loving, engaged, involved, and there for her whenever she needs it. he's never loved another human being like her, and she worships the ground he walks on. so when her mother reveals during an acrimonious divorce that she's not even his daughter, but the product of an affair from more than 18 years ago, it rocks their worlds. a genetic test confirms that indeed, he isn't her biological father. but he is the man who raised her, the man she grew up believing to be her dad, and she won't let this change how she feels. but for both of them, it does start to change how they feel, opening up new ways for them to explore the life-altering love they have for one the bedroom.

pb ideas: would love a jon hamm, ben affleck, jeffrey dean morgan, michael fassbender, hugh jackman, etc. open to any suggestions or other ideas!
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